Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly pulls for 11/06/13

My weeks are spinning by so quickly that I am surprised to find myself at another comic book day with nothing but smiles to go around. I had found out over the past week that Simon Spurrier would no longer be the writer on X-Men Legacy. If you follow this blog or listen to the podcast, you know my love for the writer. I was not incredibly happy to see him fall off of the X-titles to go to an unknown book but I learned some new information this week that made me smile. In February, after his run on X-Leg ends, Spurrier is taking the helm of X-Force. Considering how unbelievably sub-par those books have been so far, it is great news to see him take over. Hell, the man is going to get to write Doctor Nemesis and Fantomax! To me, that news could not be any better.

As for this week in comics, it was really light. I didn't have the normal swarm of six to seven books but rather a more reasonable three:

Amazing X-Men #1
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2
X-Men Legacy #19

Sometimes I enjoy weeks that are lighter like this. It gives me more time to really sit down and dig into the pages of the books that I purchase. When I get the higher number, I find myself reading faster and not getting as much from them. I guess if I wasn't writing this blog I would pace myself more; but, this is too much fun. Anyhow, reviews are to follow soon after this. Until then, comic book fans, happy reading!

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