Thursday, August 29, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #11

Writer: Rick Remender
Pencils: Daniel Acuna
Inker: Daniel Acuna
Colorist: Daniel Acuna
Letterer: Clayton Cowled
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28th, 2013

I can finally walk away from an issue from this series and say, with confidence, that I understand what the hell is going on. I see what Kang is trying to do, I see what the Apocalypse Twins are attempting and I understand how Red Skull ties in to everything that is presented, which is great. With all of that under my belt, I can finally sit back and start to enjoy the ride that is Uncanny Avengers.

This issue dealt with a ripple effect from the appearance of the new four horsemen as well as the twins trying to convince Wanda to work with them to rapture the mutant race off of the planet Earth. This rapture actually makes sense other than the fact that it would be giving up Xavier's dream of everyone living in peace. Also, if all of the mutants were to leave the planet it would leave everything open for the Red Skull to take over with minimal heroes to stop him and ultimately for Kang to get what he wants.

The individual battles with the horsemen was done very well but I specifically enjoyed the romp between Wolverine and Daken. There is a lot of hate and regret between the two of them and it is interesting to see Wolverine actually suffer for one of his decisions. I only wish I knew where in canon this story falls because I am not certain if Wolverine has his healing factor anymore (he doesn't in Wolverine) because if he doesn't...well he isn't long for the Earth even if they don't rapture.

Remender has, once again, pulled me into one of his dark tales and has made me hungry for so much more. For a book that was originally shakey for me and close to my drop list, this has blown my socks off and is slowly pushing its way to my pick of the week.

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