Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly pulls for 08/21/13

It is that time of the week again, comic book time! Wow, that was cheesy... Anyhow, this week was a little special for me because it was one of those rare weeks that I do not simply buy comics but also buy Heroclix. I had been waiting with bated breath for the Wolverine and the X-Men set to come out and had a case ordered and paid for a while ago. I am not normally one to invest in clix to that extent, but this is X-Men! I guess I just wanted to share that. If anyone is interested in what I pulled, ask after Saturday because I am waiting to bust the case open for when I am with my buddy who plays the game with me.

In other news, I am pushing on in the ASM retro read and am on issue #610! That's right, 90 more issues of the book to go. I know that sounds like a lot but when you have already read 610, it really isn't. I assume I should be done with the whole retro read by (at latest) end of September...which is really exciting for me. I will probably do some sort of gushing blog post OR just go crazy on the podcast about it. Only time will tell for sure.

Okay, enough about that. I guess it is time for the glorious list of pulls for this lovely week:

Cable and X-Force #13
The Superior Spider-Man #16
Venom #39
X-Men #4
X-Men Legacy #15

Once again, all X-Men and Spider-Man related books. I guess I have my interests... Reviews shall follow shortly. Until then my lovely readers, enjoy your books.

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