Friday, July 20, 2012

Scarlet Spider (1-7)

I have to begin by saying that this is not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. For everyone who has grown to love Peter Parker and his good deeds and thinks he is perfection when it comes to web-slinging, this is your chance to see something different.

Kaine Parker, The Jackel's orignal clone from waaaaaay back when he was trying to get back at Peter Parker even before the Clone Wars, has been newly healed after the events in Spider Island and is trying to get as far away from New York as physically possible. He has hitched rides, hidden himself from everyone who is trying to hunt him down and made his way toward Mexico.

When Kaine finally reaches Houston, he decides he will need some funds to survive when across the border and decides to steal some money from some thugs. Bad decision number one for someone who is trying to get the hell out of dodge....

The money belonged to a slave trade operation for a shipping crate full of people...people who had died in the heat and humidity of Houston. Kaine quickly learns this and saves the one girl that is still alive, Aracely, and takes her to the hospital. Things continue to spin out of control and he is ultimately trapped in Houston for the long haul. He is even (begrudgingly) given the name "Scarlet Spider" by the inhabitant of Houston.

I really don't want to give up too much else about this series. It is still SUPER early in its run and if it keeps staying this consistently interesting it would be criminal for it to be cancelled. Also, in October there is going to be a series connected with the new Venom comic (which I intend to read soon) called Minimun could you not be excited for that?

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