Friday, July 27, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man #690

Story: Dan Slott
Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Klaus Janson, Daniel Green
Colors: Frank D'Armata
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 25th, 2012

Part 3 of the "No Turning Back" story that Slott has been trickling out dealing with The Lizard and Dr. Morbius. I think that the best part about this series is how much Dr. Connors has changed, mentally, since being stuck as The Lizard. Years ago one could argue that Dr. Connors was trapped in a lizard body...Slott has shown The Lizard trapped in a human body.

At least in this issue Spider-Man is finally realizing that Connors is up to something...I do feel a little bad for Dr. Morbius though. I know he made some bad choices to cure The Lizard but he is so misunderstood at this point. All he wants to do is find a cure for himself and was able to cure Connors...oh well, he does make terrible choices...

Lastly...Madame Web. I just don't like the fact that she is SO vague about everything. I get it, she is not going to give us any serious spoilers but COME ON! Maybe she is hinting at events that are leading to Marvel Now....I don't know...she sort of ruins the flow of the comic for me.

Regardless, I enjoyed this issue because of the angst that Connors is going through while trying to decide if he even wants to be The Lizard anymore...I give the issue a 7/10...good, not great.

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