Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekly Pulls 07/25 and thoughts on Marvel Now

What a great week for my comic pulls! I have noticed that the amount is beginning to grow. I told my self initially that once AvX ends there will be a significant amount less comics each month...I am learning that I will be lucky if that is the case. I am very excited for so many of the aftermath issues and even the Avengers titles I discussed dropping are starting to get interesting.

I do want to note that Marvel Now will be starting soon after AvX so MAYBE enough of my titles will be dropped that I will have less monthly comics. If you are not away of Marvel Now it is a sort of "refresher" for the Marvel Universe that is to start the new beginnings for most characters that we have grown to care about. I do want to note that this is NOT a restart....this is a continuation! So no freaking out about wasting your time learning stories or thinking that we have to re-learn everything, we won't. This event could be very good for Marvel to bring in new readers and HOPEFULLY keep all of us old readers attached. If you want to read a pretty good article on all of this stuff check this out.

Regardless, I digress from my original writing...I pick up too many comics but I am not mad about it! My pulls for release date of 07/25/2012 are great:

The Amazing Spider-Man #690
Avengers #28
Secret Avengers #29
Venom #21 (this series ROCKS)
Wolverine and the X-Men #14
X-Men Legacy #270

Reviews will follow in the next day or two...I would definitely write tonight but we are filming episode three of our podcast! So...keep open eyes and I will post reviews AND an updated AvX reading order by Saturday!

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