Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 07/11

Hey all! I trust everyone has had a nice week, hopefully full of comic reading and fun. I have to tell you, after last week's mediocre pulls I was a tad downtrodden for what was to come this week. I trudged to the comic shop and looked around for a while before even looking at my pull list. My eyes caught a copy of the chrome covered "The Walking Dead" #100 and stared at it for a good five minutes, debating over the $10 cover price, wondering if I should buy it considering I don't own physical copies of any of the other issues. I finally set it back on the shelf, knowing I would later feel regret at the decision (I sort of do today...but I think I made the right choice).

This was a moment or realization for me. I don't buy comics because of the potential worth. I wont sell my old issues even though I have some worth a lot of money (X-Men #14 the first appearance of the sentinels) and I refuse to pick up ANOTHER title, even if it is as phenomenal as "The Walking Dead." So, sorry for that. I just had to vent a little of what was going on in my nerdy brain.

So I finally look at the comics that I pulled this week. During the time  I was staring at "The Walking Dead", the owner of my shop, JC, handed my small stack to me:

The New Avengers #28
Wolverine and the X-Men #13
The Avengers VS The X-Men: Daredevil vs. Psylocke, Thor vs. Emma Frost
Avenging Spider-Man #9

After grabbing a few backs and bags so I could start protecting my new collection I took the comics home and read them last night hungrily. All I can say is that if your comics have a sort of slow week always look to the future...this week was phenomenal.

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