Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly pulls for 01/09/13

Another week in comics, another week of smiles. There were a lot of titles I was looking forward to this week and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It is hard to know where to start my ramblings.

I suppose first I should apologize for the tardiness of my posts this week. This was the first week I was back to work after winter break and I was insanely busy. While trying to catch up on my grading, write OGT lesson plans, read comics, go to the gym and the other many things I do during the week it was hard to find the time to actually write anything for fun. Today is the first day I have really had the chance to sit down to type and even that is going to be scattered throughout the day due to having to do grocery shopping and laundry with the wife.

Anyhow, enough complaining. As I was saying, there were a lot of books that came out this week that I was excited to read. The one that I do not get in a paper format that blew my mind was Thor: God of Thunder #4. That book has been nothing short of amazing and I still argue with myself with each issue about grabbing an actual copy. The other big book was Superior Spider-Man #1...but I will get to that in the reviews because that I actually purchased physically.

So, the glaring question is what were the actual pulls for this week? Well...the six books (first time in a bit the number was that high) are as follows:

Cable and X-Force #3
Scarlet Spider #13
Secret Avengers #36
Superior Spider-Man #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #23
X-Men Legacy #4

As always my reviews...or discussions I suppose...of each of those issues will follow throughout the day, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, happy reading comic fans!

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