Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly pulls for 01/23/13

Another week in the wonderful world of comics and, as always, I am in a good mood about things. It was an incredibly great week for me to catch up on reading some old comics due to the fact that Ohio has been a freezer the entire week. I started off with no work on Monday due to the holiday. The following two days were blessed with what we call in Ohio cold days. They exist, truly they do. It basically means that it is too freggin cold outside for kids to wait at bus-stops or to walk to school so we are forced to close schools. Trust me, teachers like these days just fine.

Enough about my life though. What you guys read this blog for is comics and the happenings in the comic world. On that, there wasn't too much news in the comic world this week that blew my socks off. It was a pretty standard week of comics trickling out with only a couple #1s from the Marvel NOW! run. If anything, the news is the amazing amount of #1 comics coming out these days is astounding. The guys and I talked about it a little bit on our podcast this week, The Panel Scanners Episode 9, that currently at writing this isn't posted yet but should be soon so if you would like you can check out the embedding link and catch up on listening or if you are lucky the new show will be up.

I really don't have too much else other than the actual pulls for the week:

A+X # 04 (Captain America + Quentin Quire, The Beast + Amazing Spider-Man)
Deadpool #04
Gambit #08
Uncanny Avengers #03 (Finally!)
Uncanny X-Force #01
Wolverine and the X-Men #24

It seems this week was the heavy week of my month but I am not upset about it. There is a lot of good in that stack and very minimal meh. My reviews of each book should follow later today but until then, happy reading!

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