Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Pulls for 01/16/13

I must admit that I am surprised myself that I am writing this blog this early this week. I feel like I have been setting up a precedent of putting my blog out on Sundays and I am breaking that. Oh well...I happen to be off of work today and I have been sleeping so much due to the wicked flu I have been battling that I am surprisingly rested and willing to share my thoughts on comics this week!

Firstly I want to send major kudos out to Simon Spurrier, the wonderful writer of X-Men Legacy. Not only did the man take time out of his busy schedule to read my reviews of his books, but he also re-tweeted my blog out to the masses that follow him to create more buzz for me. It is hard to not appreciate that. It really makes you like people more when they are willing to hear what their fans have to say.

Also, I want to mention that we will be recording The Panel Scanners episode 9 this Thursday (the 24th) and it should be posted to the here soon after. The podcast has been a blast to do and I appreciate anyone that takes the time to listen to it. I understand that we are still new to it and have hiccups but that is part of the fun. It is just three guys, shooting the breeze about comics. There is nothing wrong with that!

Alright, so I guess it is time to discuss the books that I actually picked up this week. I actually picked my books up a day late this week and almost missed out on All-New X-Men because my guy forgot to pull it for me. I grabbed the LAST issue off of the was a bit shakey for me there for a moment. I was really looking forward to it and you will see why in my review. So, with that book there were a total of three books that joined my collection this week:

All-New X-Men #6
Avenging Spider-Man #16
Venom #30

It was nice to have a light week on comics actually. I am trying to bank a little extra money so that I can grab a brick of Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix next month and that is not cheap. I can't have the wife getting too mad at me for dropping too much of our hard-earned money on comic related stuff can I?

Well, that is it for now I suppose. I will follow this up with reviews as I always do. Feel free to leave any comments or questions for me to answer on this post or any of my other blog entries! I hope all of you are doing well and have had better luck dodging the flu than I have so far. Well, until my other reviews, happy reading comic book fans!

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