Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Pulls for 01/30/13

I want to start off for apologizing for those of you who listen to the podcast. We had a bit of a technical difficulty while trying to upload the episode and the file became corrupt. We are unable to post that episode (which was sadly our best) and will have to postpone any podcast until later this month. Once again, I apologize profusely and wish that we could retrieve the file.

Other than that, it wasn't a super heavy week for comics as tends to be the case on the fifth Wednesday in a month. Same goes for the basic news for comics, it was really light. The only thing that came up that I have started looking into is the new X-Men book that is supposed to be an all female cast. I was wondering how it was going to relate to the other X-titles that are currently ongoing because I hear it takes place in the same universe (see Storm's hair for instance) but there is vampire Jubilee in it and there is concern for overlap with the other characters. If anyone can help me better understand this concept I would greatly appreciate it because I thought that the X-Men title was its own thing.

The other thing that started happening this week is I decided to take a brief hiatus from reading Amazing Spider-Man so that I could catch up with Uncanny X-Force so that the current run may make more sense. I had multiple people tell me that Remender's run on the title was phenomenal and as of 15 issues in, I can't argue. I am excited to see how it all turns out and if it actually does help my understanding of the current book.

The final part, as I put off each week, is the pull list. I only purchased three titles this week and one was a pain to find. I actually had to go to the comic store I am not a big fan of near where I work to obtain X-Men Legacy due to delivery issues at my normal store. It was sad and painful. I hate spending money at a store other than JC Comics and Cards but I couldn't wait for the issue and I am glad I didn't. The pulls are as follows:

Hawkeye #7
Superior Spider-Man #2
X-Men Legacy #5

Although a short list I think these three comics are my current front runners for the year thus far. All-New X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men are close behind but I don't find myself obsessing over release dates with those as I do these other three. Anyhow, that is all for the moment. My reviews shall follow post-haste. Until then, happy reading comic world.


  1. The "X-Men" title never was "just its own thing" and always took place in the normal Marvel Universe . Sure, the first Vampire-Arc was "different" but still featured Utopia and the Rest of the Gang.

    Later on it shifted its focus more towards Storm where her position and differences with Cyclopse were at the center of the Story.

    I guess the new "female only" version of it will be in the same vain since it's again written by Brian Wood

  2. Was it any good though? Should I find time to read it? The vampire thing really threw me off base. I didn't like the direction it was going and because I didn't see any overlap during that or during AvX so I was very uncertain.

    I am still iffy on the "female only" book. Not because I have an issue with female heroes, I definitely do not (loving Captain Marvel as you know) but I have never had a strong draw to these characters so I am very iffy...