Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Pulls for 2/13/13

I just realized that last week I didn't mention that our podcast became corrupt and was never posted. For those of you that do listen, I apologize. We are going to be recording a new episode of The Panel Scanners on February 27th that should cover the material we lost due to corruption.

I am having a really rare moment where it comes to this post that I have very minimal to share. I did get my brick of The Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix and got the majority of pieces that I wanted which is always good but other than that it was a blah week. SO I guess I should just jump into the four books that I picked up.

Cable and X-Force #4
Scarlet Spider #14
Uncanny X-Men #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #25

The big thing here was I had an issue deciding what comic to start with. The three that are on-going have been very good so far and I have been excited for Uncanny X-Men ever since Bendis blew my socks off with All-New X-Men. So, I did the thing that made the most sense, I read them in alphabetical order! I have to say, I wasn't disappointed...

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