Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Pulls for 2/20/13

I was a bit surprised this week after hearing that a lot of big things were coming out this week to see that my pull list was a measly two books. It seems that this whole month my pulls have been a bit lacking and I was trying to pinpoint the reason why. The realization struck me that I have now finally dropped every Avengers title other than Uncanny Avengers and that many of my books are single releases in a month. This is making my wallet happier and my comic guy less happy and more like a pusher.

Case in point, when I picked up my two books this week, Jon, my comic shop owner, started nudging me toward Nova as well as Guardians of the Galaxy (next week) and some other various books scattered around the shop. I think this was the real kicker to my realizing that I have limited my pulls. On that note, I think it may be time to start fielding some new books. I want to keep it open to my readers for suggestions of "Thing Philthec should be reading" and I want this to be open. Don't just stick to Marvel, even though I prefer that, broaden my horizons. I will try my best to give a taste to anything you guys want me to. I can't promise I will review everything, but I will at least mention what I am able to give a shot in my weekly pulls.

Anyhow, I have mentioned the two book pull multiple times now so I may as well spew those titles:

Deadpool #5
Superior Spider-Man #4

Very light and remember, I am still considering dropping Deadpool...well read the review to see where that stands. I guess that is it for my thoughts this week. I will drop those two reviews in the near future but until then, happy reading out there internet!

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