Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly pulls for 2/7/13

This week was a huge week for me. Not only did I have five books come out, I also had the chance to pick up the new Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix! I split a case with my good friend Jon but am not able to hang out with him until Saturday SOOOOO I am still unaware as to what I actually got. It kind of sucks but it is teaching me a whole new level of patience...

Other than that I have just been battling an insane bout of tiredness. I am sure I am making a lot more errors while writing today and am finding it a tad harder to care than normal. I am not sure what exactly is up. I may be getting sick or I am just getting run down at work, I am not sure. All I know is my focus has been slipping a lot. At least I still have had time for comics.

As for comics, I have nearly caught up on Remender's run of Uncanny X-Force. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed. Not only does it dip back into one of my favorite side-arcs of all time, The Age of Apocalypse, but it also created a love for a few more characters for me. I am intrigued by Fantomax, I am happy to finally know what happened to Angel and where Evan (Kid Apocalypse) came from. I have a couple more issues left and can't wait to read the conclusion.

Nothing else new has really happened so I guess it is time for the weekly pulls:

All-New X-Men #7
Secret Avengers #37 (Final Issue)
Superior Spider-Man #3
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20 (Venom Wars)
Venom #31 (Beginning of Toxin Arc)

There is a lot going on in those five books and reviews of them shall follow. Once again, I apologize if it seems my mind is everywhere...hopefully I will become more lucid as the reviews happen. Until then, happy reading!

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