Friday, July 10, 2015

Black Science #16

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Colors: Moreno Dinisio

Oh boy, this book really knows how to ramp it up. During my time away I have had my ups and downs with this title and even at one point considered dropping it purely based on how convoluted and drawn out it seemed to be getting, but Remender always seems to know how to tie things together and make you set down an issue with your jaw agape.

After 16 issues, it is no surprise that the characters start to grow on you and you get nervous when a gun is pressed against the back of their heads, or, I don't know, one of the main characters shoots the old man guide that has been present through the last 7 issues in the back of the head just because he wanted to try to save everyone (this happened in issue #15). That is the beauty of Black Science, you never know which character is going to snap and when.

The last handful of issues have really focused on Rebecca and Grant's relationship and the fact that Grant just wants to back away from it and be with his family. Also, there is some weird drive behind Rebecca that makes her REALLY want to jump to other worlds within the Multi-verse Onion that the book takes place in. This issue finally has answers, mistakes are made by main characters and a major villain from an earlier arc reappears. I am chomping at the bit for more...and of course the book is now on hiatus until November....right.

Anyhow, if you enjoy a crazy ride with characters that have personalities, science, and multiverse confusion give Black Science a go. If you like your books to have neat endings in every issue or three, this is not the book for you. For me, well, I am really happy I have been sticking around for the ride. I can't wait to see where this book is going to take me.

Rating: 9/10

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