Friday, July 10, 2015

Inferno #3

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Javier Garron
Colors: Chris Sotomayor

This title was the first of the Secret Wars books I picked up and wasn't exactly certain how it would play out. I have never been SUPER into Hopeless' work in the past and was nervous that he would chop this book up. Then again, the original Inferno story arc was odd within itself. So, how could it get much stranger?

I am actually surprised to the degree that I am enjoying this book. I have always enjoyed Colossus and Domino as a couple and there is a lot of play there. I also really enjoyed Madelyne Pryor as a crazy clone of Jean Grey that gained demon powers, even if it seemed insane at the time. So the fact that this book has these things it has my interest. I also like the immense chaos that is circling the whole book and that there really doesn't seem to be any downtime for anyone. There is cool use of a demonized Nightcrawler and nods to a lot of X-Men that haven't been used in years. I caught myself smiling a bit while reading this issue.

My problem is, and always has been with Hopeless, is he relies too often on the last page reveal. The "OH MAN!" moment at the end of a book where you are supposed to be drawn to jump into the next book. I can sum this issue up pretty quickly due to that because that is the main reason for the issue, to show the surprise at the end (which I will not ruin): Colossus has to relax, Domino helps, Magik wrecks the X-Men, surprise. That is it. There are great page spreads, but the writing is just somewhat goofy and predictable. I will stick around till the end, but I hope the surprise is worth it.

Rating: 4/10

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