Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spider-Woman #009

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Penciler and Colorist: Javier Rodriguez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez

I think this may be the longest I have held onto a Hopeless written book. For some reason, his writing seems to fit the attitude and personality of Jessica Drew. She is a bit "trendy", has an attitude but is still enjoyable to see get into mischief.

This week's issue has Jessica, Ben Urich and Roger go off on a road trip to try to close old case files that Ben pulled out at the end of the last issue. It is presented in an interesting way where a page or two sums up a full case with a snip from the case file at the top of the page. Roger is just causing problems throughout and Jessica is a tad annoyed he is even along for the trip.

After two trips the team ends up in a wild west resort that has something weird going on where the villain there is more than ready for Jessica. He quickly takes her down and leaves he to be "questioned" in the worst way possible at the end of the book. I believe that #010 is Hopeless' last issue with this book and I intend to see it to the end. This wasn't the best issue, but it still had some moments of fun.

Rating: 6/10

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