Thursday, July 16, 2015

Silver Surfer #13

Writer: Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Artist: Laura Allred

"The Death of Everything That Ever Was or Ever Will Be"

In the past I have referred to Slott's run on Silver Surfer as almost a Doctor Who type story and this issue continues to push me into that school of thought. Dawn and The Surfer have decided to return to Earth after all of their adventures but want to stop back by all of the places that they have visited so far to say hello to all of their friends. It was a nice refresher as to where the story has taken us while we all know that Earth is currently wrecked (see Secret Wars). I was actually questioning the timing of the book considering there is no real Earth but this issue really showed when the adventure was happening; right before the final incursion.

The moments where The Surfer and Dawn get pushed away from the Earth to miss its destruction to try to race back in time to survive (which wont work considering there is no past because there is no existence) was done very well. The relationship that has been weaved between the two main characters shows brightly during this moment and makes me want to see them survive. 

The book ends with a lot of questions floating around as to what exactly The Surfer and Dawn can do while hiding in a bit of nothingness. Will they ever enter Battleworld or is this where they will end their days with the Marvel Universe? Will they be two of the characters that remember the past or is Marvel not going to allow anyone to remember what once was? Only time will tell but I will definitely be here to read it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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