Friday, July 31, 2015

X-Men '92 #002

Writers: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers
Artist: Scott Koblish
Colorist: Matt Milla

"Chapter Three: Those Who Help Themselves"
"Chapter Four: Love is a Battlefield"

Again, I am surprised how much I am enjoying this series along with many of the other Battleworld books that are being published by Marvel right now. These basically Elseworlds stories give an interesting insight as to what could have happened and what did happen in alternate universes during major events in Marvel history.

The way that this almost double sized book works is that the Shadow King is trying to mold the X-Men into nonviolent, obeying heroes that will make Westchester a peaceful place to be. Ironically, the Shadow King may have killed Professor X to get control over his X-Men, but we will let him ignore that. 

The first chapter focuses on Wolverine and how he is his own greatest enemy. The Shadow King shows Wolverine that every piece of violence, every choice he has made, is because he wants to attack himself and doesn't trust himself. Forcing introspection of Wolverine starts pushing him down the path of being a docile and nonviolent version of himself which allows for the Shadow King to want to keep him around.

The second chapter focuses on Gambit and Rogue. The fact that there is sexual tension between them bothers the Shadow King and he shows them how they can be together and not have the tension there. Of course this also allows for him to let them be part of his peaceful world.

During these two chapters there is a subplot that focuses on Jubilee find the Rej-X, the rejected mutants from the Shadow King's program. The X-Men that failed the Shadow King's assessment soon join the group (Beast at least), but it is a little unclear as to what their plan is. I am sure it will be a revolt.

As an epilogue we see the X-Force of the 90's find Professor X's body which is sure to bring them into the mix in the next issue. Each piece plays really well together and makes for a fun read. It almost reads like a 90's book but with a clearer goal. It isn't as convoluted as many of those books which is a great thing. I am actually quite enjoying the ride thus far and am looking forward to next month's addition.

Rating: 8/10

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