Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fight Club 2 #003

Writer: Chuck Palahniuk
Artist: Cameron Stewart
Colorist: Dave Stewart

Project Mayhem seems to be rolling ahead full force this issue and Sebastian really doesn't seem to have the control that he thinks he does. Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of taking his pills currently, or the fact that Tyler just keeps getting more powerful. This issue deals a lot with what Tyler has been setting up on Sebastian's downtime. Not really pushing forward the story with Sebastian's kid, but showing the environment that he is trapped in.

This issue is really starting to feel like a Palahniuk piece of writing. It is a little confusing at first glance and it requires you to go back and see what is actually happening within the tale. That said, it is still intriguing and I am definitely becoming attached to Sebastian more, wanting him to finally defeat his inner demon and split personality: Tyler. I don't think it is going to end withou a ton of bloodshed in the end.

Rating: 8/10 (A little uneven at parts)

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