Friday, July 31, 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #013

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Pencils: Elena Casagrande
Inks: Di Meo
Colorist: Hi-Fi

"Spiral Staircase Part 1"

This new arc starts sort of in the middle of the past arc. The Doctor and Gabby are trying to figure out exactly what the device that transformed the former great actress, Dorothy Bell, into a younger, almost magical version of herself really is. In the previous issues the duo along with Gabby's friend Cindy have finally joined together with the team that was originally searching for the artifact, as well as with Vivian, Dorothy assistant. I know that is a lot to follow but hopefully it makes sense. 

After Dorothy's transformation, she seems to have an urge to enhance everything around her to make them better if not perfect. She takes flight while bringing Gabby along, to enhance the buildings around New York, specifically a wing to a hospital she was funding, then everything else that didn't seem quite right. During this, the other players in the story are trying to find her and figure out exactly what she has become and what to do about it. The Doctor, in true Doctor form, seemed to know what she was but kept choking on the information until the end of the book. The Doctor finally states that she has merged with a high end of alien tech and that it isn't a good thing, but he doesn't get the chance to explain why. During all of this a large ship is approaching Earth and seems to think very little of our home planet. The end pages show the ships approach and gives a hint as to what its reasoning for being there is. 

With the Tenth Doctor still being one of my favorites, I am still enjoying the stories told here. I think this and the Ninth Doctor books are the strongest. There doesn't seem to be any grasp at being campy but simply a desire to tell more stories about this Doctor. I hope the pace can continue.

Rating: 8/10

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