Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weekly Pulls for 07/15/2015

This week was a relatively small week for comics for me. That isn't saying that the books that I grabbed weren't good (they really were quite good), but the quantity was small. I really want to try to get back down to this magic number of no more than four or five books a week so that I stop getting all of the stories mixed and matched in my mind. I also find that I enjoy each book less if there are too many of them. I ran into this dilemma while retroactively reading the original Secret Wars. Even though there were a lot of good things in it, and some bad of course, it felt like just another story that really was pointless. I think I will delve deeper into that in the future.

Anyhow, I have also been a tad distracted with Harper Lee's book Go Set a Watchman released this week. I started to read it and am still not sure how I feel about it as a whole. I will probably finish it by this weekend and will probably post something on social media that isn't related to comics and is just more of a personal place.

Okay, as I said I only picked up three books this week which were as follows:

Hawkeye #22 My pick of the week
Letter 44 #18
Silver Surfer #13

Like last time, if you want to read some thoughts and light reviews on any of those books just go ahead and click the link that is embedded. I really have little else to share other than Ant-Man comes out tomorrow and I will definitely see it this weekend. Perhaps I will do a review of sorts once it has some time to settle in my mind. Until next week then my friends, happy reading.

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