Friday, July 31, 2015

Sex Criminals #011

By: Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky


After quite the hiatus, Sex Criminals is back and definitely feels that same as it always has. A weird mix of sexuality, comedy, heist and mystery is played out between the covers clearly marked as mature. For those that do not know the premise, the two main character, Suzie and Jon, stop time when they have orgasms. Once they found each other and realized that they both had the same power, the started to use it to rob a bank that shut down Suzie's library. Of course this spiraled and more people with the same powers showed up, specifically the Sex Police. When we last left our duo, they had stolen files from the Sex Police that cataloged other people that had the same powers as Jon, Suzie and the police.

We open this issue with a story of another character that has the same powers, Doug D. Douglas. He seems to have the same kind of messed up life that all of the other characters have, but is a good guy overall. The duo go down to Miami to find Doug by using their powers, trying to show him that others are like him and that they should team up to go against the Sex Police. What they walk in on is...interesting and a tad perverse which fits with the overall ton of the issue.

During this time we see the head of the Sex Police seducing Jon's psychologist, trying to find things out about him. Things don't look good for Jon when she has an orgasm and time freezes, allowing her access to all of the doctor's notes.

Even though there is a lot of perverse things happening, it is no secret that this is an adult book and in all reality a fun read. It is very different than anything else out there and Matt Fraction does not disappoint. Every issue of this book looks into human nature and desire, while still entertaining the reader with exciting moments that don't always have to do with sex. If you are mature enough to handle a book that deals heavily with sex and regret, give this a shot.

Rating: 10/10 - Pick of the Week

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