Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hawkeye #22

Writers: Matt Fraction & David Aja
Artist: Matt Hollingsworth

"This is How it Ends"

It is no secret that I have loved this book for the entirety of its run. I have never really had a care for the character before this but it will be hard for me not to want to continue to follow either Hawkeye into the future. Even with the book being riddled with publishing delays, I still grasped for more and i have to say, the ending did not disappoint.

We last left Clint in his apartment building, defending it against the jumpsuits trying to stop them from taking it. This issue showed the last stand of defense and everything that the powerless super hero had been fighting for. There are amazing page spreads of great bits of archery, witty comments from both Kate and Clint, and an incredibly moment with Lucky the Pizza Dog. I really don't want to spoil anything other than that. It is full of action and definitely keeps pace with the whole series. All I can say is pick it up if you like a good story. You really need to start from the beginning though, I know I am rereading this the first chance I get (Saturday looks good).

Rating: 10/10 Pick of the Week!

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