Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Pulls 07/22/2015

The past few weeks have been a fun time to be a comic book fan. We got the chance to see what the future holds with SDCC 2015, Secret Wars pushes forward guiding the future of Marvel comics, and we got the release of Ant-Man. I have to admit, going into the film I wasn't certain what to expect. Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't really disappointed me since it really got rolling but Ant-Man wasn't something I was expecting, then again I felt the same about Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie itself was very enjoyable, plenty of Easter Eggs for those long time comic fans that look for that stuff, funny writing and a decent heist film all tied into a comic book movie. Simply because it felt so different from the other action films as of late, Ant-Man was pure joy to watch.

Now I wont say that the movie was perfect, I think it is hard to ever have a perfect film, but it was enjoyable and I would actually enjoy seeing it again. It gives me great hope for the plethora of Marvel movies pouring onto us in the coming years, as well as the television shows and whatever else the studio decides it wants to do. I hope that the future of the comics looks as bright after Secret Wars resets the universe...more on that in October I suppose.

This week I had a little bit of a heavier week with five books:

All-New Hawkeye #004 - Pick of the Week!
Fight Club 2 #003
Magneto #020
Spider-Woman #009
Uncanny X-Men #035

Each book has its merits and as always you can click on the link in this post to read a short blurb about each book. That is all for this week though, so until next week enjoy your comics and be sure to catch up on The Panel Scanners if you aren't already listening!

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