Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly Pulls 09/19/2012

Another week...another six comics. It is hard to believe that I started out only reading a couple titles to now, almost consistently, having three new books a week! It is insane, slightly expensive, but definitely worth it.

Anyhow...this week didn't have too much that I was super looking forward to. I was able to see the end of a couple arcs that I was iffy on (Avengers Academy and Venom) as well as FINALLY get to read a series that I had shelved until the last issue came out (Spider-Men) and I was able to continue to get more excited about Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.... So it seems I lied, there was plenty to enjoy.

On another note, I have continued my venture through the 50 years of Spider-Man and finally broke through to see MJ's face. I will write more about it in a review but I am still enjoying it very much. Regardless, I am digressing from the main purpose of this post. Here are the six comics I grabbed this week:

Avengers #30
Avengers Academy #37
Spider-Men #5 (I already had 1-4...waited to read until I had 5)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15
Uncanny X-Men #18 (A week late but good none the less)
Venom #25

Reviews will follow as I get time as always. I do want to mention that we are coming down to the last few weeks of Avengers vs X-Men (thank goodness) which will mean that I will soon have the final update to my reading order. I will not be including post AvX stuff due to the lack of chronology that is bound to follow. Lastly, we will be filming episode 5 of The Panel Scanners tonight and I should be able to post a link to that later! Until then, happy reading.

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