Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Pulls 09/26/2012

I am running a little late on posting this week but life gets busy! Today my wife ran in the Akron Marathon and posted an impressive time of two hours and twelve minutes. I have also been running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get a lot of things done around my house, with my job and learn some content standards for Ohio.

I guess you guys don't care too much about that though...this blog is about comics. So, on to that stuff. My first thing is a piece of relatively bad news I stumbled across. I wasn't certain if this information was accurate until this week when I read an interview with Dan Slott but it seems that with issue #700 The Amazing Spider-Man will be cancelled. CANCELLED! I am sure this is to start a new series with Spidey's name in the title but Slott has promised that the ending will be something major that many fans may become upset with him over. He even said that he is staying hidden for a few months after publishing the issue so that he doesn't see any of the backlash. For now he is just saying "Keep Reading"....damn.

On another note, Wednesday will have the final issue of Avengers vs X-Men and will lead us into the Marvel NOW! initiative. I must admit that I am pretty excited and have quite a few new titles on my pull list in the upcoming months. Granted, a lot of these titles are replacing old titles but they are still something fresh and new! There are also some aftermath issues for Avengers vs X-Men coming that start on Wednesday, notably Avengers vs X-Men: Consequences...I am excited to see how this all plays out.

This week I grabbed five comics that were quite entertaining. Two of the titles are soon to be cancelled, and none of them are related to Avengers vs X-Men anymore which is refreshing. I am enjoying seeing where these titles are headed after the big battle. On to the titles for the week:

The Amazing Spider-Man #694 (Six more issues after this...)
Gambit #3
Secret Avengers #31
Wolverine and the X-Men #17
X-Men Legacy #274 (One more issue after this....)

All of which were quite good and I will be writing reviews for them in the near future. I can't promise this weekend for I am actually getting to spend some time with my wife. It will be at some point this week though....

I also want to remind everyone that I am reading EVERY issue of The Amazing Spider-Man which will take me from issue #1-700....since that will be the total run. Keep checking in for updated blogs about that. Lastly I want to say that I will be able to COMPLETE the chronological reading order for Avengers vs X-Men this week. I will probably add Consequences as a post reading list but it wont be necessary for chronological enjoyment.

Whew, that was a lot more than I thought I was going to say. So, until I get to post again, happy reading my friends.


  1. i am fairly certain we will see a new "major" spiderman ongoing very soon.. it is one of their bestselling books.. ending it without restarting the number doesnt make any sense whatsoever :O

    btw - since you are not reading it ... i really wanted to recommend the new "Captain Marvel" ongoing ... it is really awesome and the artwork is just beyond words ... you should really check it out ;)

    1. I don't doubt that there is a new Spider-Man title coming soon. I read something about "Spider-Man Fever" but am not sure what that is about.

      As for "Captain Marvel", I have heard wonderful things and would like to give it a go but am currently reading way too much stuff. It may be something I tackle after reading the 700 issues of "Amazing Spider-Man"...thanks for the heads up!