Friday, October 25, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #13

Writer: Rick Remender
Penciler: Daniel Acuna
Inker: Daniel Acuna
Colorist: Daniel Acuna
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 23rd, 2013

As Remender continues to spiral this team into darkness he keeps moments alive that are meant to force the reader to smile. After the confrontation in the last issue between Cap and Banshee, Cap is struggling with some hearing problems throughout the issue. This small moment really break up the darkness that is surrounding the team, specifically Wolverine. The struggle between he and his recently murdered (by him) son is just astounding and painful to watch. The whole deal with how Red Skull really takes over starts to come to light during these moments as well.

While everything else sinks into darkness there are also small moments of relationships growing. Janet and Alex obviously have something which Cap, rather loudly, points out. Wanda and Wonder Man are also getting a lot closer and with that showing that there may be some hope for the mutants after you have already signed her off as a traitor to her own team.

The intricate and dark story that is drawn by Remender is becoming more engrossing each issue. I am saddened to read my old reviews where I was getting ready to drop it. Re-reading those issues that I found no real merit to have shown me that I was wrong and that Remender (as always) had a grand master plan that could even be traced back as far as his run on Uncanny X-Force. Maybe this team can handle a dark story and maybe this could be one of the better stories told in Marvel as of late. Only time will tell and I think it is time that I accept that I am along for the ride.

One last thing to mention is that Acuna's style works very well in this type of story. I am sad to hear that he is leaving the book next month to be replaced by McNiven who I am not certain can replicate the same emotional imagery that Acuna has created in his short stint with the title. Farewell Acuna, your work will be missed.

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