Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly pulls for 05/08/13

I was starting to think that I was never going to get this post up and with the upcoming weeks being so busy I wouldn't be surprised if those blogs are also pushed back, so be advised! As a teacher May and June are two of the busiest months (especially working at a year round school) and if you ball that with hunting for a new teaching position and trying to actually enjoy life it is hard to find time to do anything really. Alas, the writing goes on.

This past week was a good time to be a comic book reader. I was able to attend my local comic shop's Free Comic Book Day last Saturday and received around 22 books. That is not including the multiple issues within one bound book. I always find that day to be a blast because it gives you a chance to read some things that you may never even look twice at. I was able to read a small part of Finding Gossamer which Darren had been telling me for a while now was quite good and I must say I was impressed. There were a few other titles in there that were interesting but nothing that I can really think of off of the top of my head. I also received a free Iron Man Heroclix piece which was fun.

Speaking of Iron Man, I was able to see the third installment of the movie franchise last Saturday and I must say I was impressed. The only real grief I have with it is the ending being a tad lackluster and easily guessed but I don't want to ruin anything considering it has only been out a little over a week. I will say that if you have enjoyed the Avengers movie runs you should not let this one pass you by.

Of course finally, this week I had a light week from my pull list. I only grabbed four books:

Avenging Spider-Man #20
Avengers Assemble #15 AU
Uncanny Avengers #8
Uncanny X-Force #4

I am nervous that I have had two light weeks of books in a row. That makes me think this upcoming week is going to be quite heavy. Also, this upcoming week I will be recording The Panel Scanners episode 11 with Jonny Capps and Darren. It should be good times considering we took a short hiatus due to life being too busy. Well, until later this week, happy reading comic book fans.


  1. Acquired 22 comics on FCBD?! The comic shop must have been thrilled with you ;) There is no local comic book shop where i'm at. Only a local comic book tent at Harlow market - which is not much of a market given the few stalls there. I managed to get Infinity. There were only a few others there but nothing caught my fancy. Wouldn't mind getting the FCBD Superman though - which i heard is sort of preview of things to come in the upcoming movie. Prefer Christopher Reeves though ;)

    1. Yeah it was quite the hefty haul for FCBD. There were some really cool things in there. Have you heard of "Finding Gossamyr"? It is really cool and a lot different than the standard superhero comic book.

      I am sad to hear the lack of a local comic shop. That has to make things a bit difficult to get the things that you would like to collect. I spend at least two days a week at my shop just to stay up to date.

      The Superman FCBD book was nice. I am not certain if it really has to do with the movie though. It seems there is another child from is intriguing though and has made me consider starting to pick up some DC books. I just need to narrow down my pull list from Marvel.

      As for the new Superman movie...I do prefer Christopher Reeves and if you listen to the podcast you can tell that we all feel that the original Superman movie is the best superhero movie ever made....

      As always, thanks for commenting Ed!