Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly pulls for 06/05/13

Yikes, this is literally a week late. I am already anticipating TODAY's comics and now I need to talk about last week's. It has been a bit of a crazy week and since I do this for fun, it did not take priority. I ALMOST went on hiatus until the end of the the school year (a lot of grading and whatnot) but I decided that I will try my best to get these things up even if ridiculously late.

Anyhow, last week's books were very Uncanny Avengers heavy considering there wasn't an Uncanny Avengers book released. I am happy to see a little overlap going on but I don't like it too heavily. It makes it hard to really figure out the timeframe of the books in relation to one another.

Other than that, there was a single AoU book released which...well I'll get to that in my review portion. I think there is going to be another rant about events coming in the near future. Marvel is not coming through for me which is insanely sad.

Alright, there were only four books pulled this time:

Age of Ultron #9
All-New X-Men #12
Cable and X-Force #9
The Superior Spider-Man #11

So not an overly heavy pull-list but a fun one! I will get to reviews as soon as possible...

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