Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekly pulls for 06/19/13

Another week in comics and another choice made. This week I decided to leave A + X on the shelf at my comic shop. As you all know, I have been debating dropping that book now for months but kept clinging to the concept because one, there were some redeeming factors and two, I thought it was a limited title. I learned fairly recently that the book was going to continue on and the stories just kept feeling more and more pointless. As my comic shop owner said, 'There is always a book after an event that gets fans, that one got you." So with very little remorse, A + X has been dropped from my pull list.

Other than that, we finally get the last actual issue of Age of Ultron this week. It was sold in a dust cover, hiding the cover. I am not sure what the marketing purpose of that was. There was nothing surprising on the cover and if people were going to buy book ten, they already made that choice. There was no need for any bells and whistles. It was just a waste of plastic.

So, with my dropping of one book I still had a respectable six comics come into my possession this week:

Age of Ultron #10
Cable and X-Force #10
The Superior Spider-Man #12
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24
Uncanny Avengers #9
X-Men Legacy#12

As you can see, it is the normal spattering of mutants and Spider-men. I am trying to figure out some other titles that I can part with so that I can start reading some new stuff and not feel it in my bank account. Hopefully I can make some hard choices in the near future. Oh well, reviews will follow soon. Until then, happy reading comic fans.

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