Friday, September 27, 2013

Sex Criminals #1

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky
Color Flatting: Becka Kinzie
Editing: Thomas K
Production: Drew Gill
Price: $3.50
Release Date: September 25th, 2013

"Suzie Down in the Quiet"

This was my wild card of the week. I have gained a recent affection for Matt Fraction and when I saw his name on this book I couldn't pass it up. Well, that and I saw a few raving reviews about it before hand and the premise had promise.

So, I have to start by saying this book is like nothing I have ever read before. This isn't a book about super heroes or giant gorillas with guns, it is about a couple that when they have an orgasm, time literally stands still. So the real question is what can a book with a premise like that have to tell as a story? Well, there is a littering of drama, humor and personal growth that links together to form an attractive narrative.

The first pages show our two protagonists in a passionate embrace, in a bathroom, while being screamed at to give themselves up. This is pretty nonsensical out the gate, so we get a flashback for our female character Suzie. We learn that at a young age her father was murdered and her family life quickly shattered. Her mother turned to drinking and crying while Suzie was expected to just move on. She quickly learned that she was able to slide down in her bathtub and block out the sound by being under water and this is where she started to explore herself. Her first experience taught her that she could literally make time stand still upon completion.

Fast forward to Suzie as an adult (I skipped a lot, read the comic) where she meets Jon who also somehow can make time stand still. They both have a common interest with books and the library and they seem to come up with an idea of how to save their failing library.

The story, although incredibly adult, was handled in a mature fashion. There were no penis jokes or explicit sex scenes. Everything felt incredibly tasteful but still not appropriate for a young reader. I assume the next issue will give us Jon's back story and I am really excited to hear it. It was fun to get to know Suzie and I look forward to her future exploits. This is, yet again, another worthwhile jump into a new title simply based on the author's name on the cover. If you are looking for something different, Sex Criminals may be the right book for you.

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