Friday, September 6, 2013

Venom #40

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Penciler: Jorge Coelho
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 04th, 2013

"Mania Part 1 of 3"

This final arc in the Venom series started out in a way that will allow Bunn to tie up any loose ends from the series within three issues. We are getting references to the mark of the devil that Flash acquired a long while back and what is happening with it. We are seeing Mania not really listening to what Flash has to say and trying to figure out her place in the world while Flash tries to figure out what to do with her. I think those are the two major things that need to play out and it seems Bunn intends to address them.

The issue actually has Flash leave Philadelphia so that he can see a body of someone who looks a lot like Daimon Hellstrom that has his mark of the devil cut off of his chest. This hints us into the fact that someone is hunting these marked people and that Flash should have something to worry about. Of course the body found wasn't the true Daimon because he is locked up, so Flash visits him. We quickly learn that Flash no longer has the mark and that it must be somewhere else. Without even thinking about it I am sure you can guess where it went.

I am sure the remaining two issues will focus on the hunters of the mark and Mania. I hope that the conclusion is tied up nicely because I would hate for this series to just fizzle out. It also makes me question what will happen to these characters post series. I will say, as of now, if there is a Mania book Marvel can keep it.

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