Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly pulls for 09/18/13

First, I have to make note that ANOTHER one of my Spider-books is getting the ax. That's right, it has been announced that Scarlet Spider will be ending with issue #25. I have also learned that there will be a Superior Venom comic that will quickly replace the Flash Thompson iteration for the black and original symbiote. I am happy to see that Venom is going to stay a thing in some way shape or form, but I am sad to see a book that has had some incredible moments get canned. Scarlet Spider was a surprising and dark look at another version of Spidey. I am not saying that the book was perfection, it definitely had weak points, but it was a fun read. It is always sad to see Marvel pull the plug on things that are a little different.

Another thing...the first event I decide to skip purchasing due to it having tie-ins to pretty much every book I don't read, Infinity, is supposedly amazing. Go figure, right? First event I decide to stand my ground and people are swooning over it. I have had the chance to read the first two issues and I do see why people love it. Hell, I almost purchased issue #3 just because of the hype (my comic guy even put it in my pulls to tease me), but I resisted. I have to stand my ground. I can't give Marvel another $100 a month, that is just ridiculous. So, I will find my way around it to read the books somehow...somehow.

Alright, moving on to my pulls for the week. Did I mention that I ended up leaving JC Comics and Cards with seven books this week? Yeah, seven freggin books. Good thing I am reading all things that I am actually enjoying AND I only got two books last week:

Cable and X-Force #14
Six-Gun Gorilla #4
Superior Carnage #3
The Superior Spider-Man #18
Uncanny X-Men #12
Venom #41
X-Men Legacy #17

There are definitely some heavy hitters in there. Second to last issue of Venom, second part of the fight between David Haller and Scott Summers, Battle of the Atom chapter 4 and the continuation of Simon Spurrier's badass mini-series with a sad man and a Gorilla. I should have some pretty decent reviews to follow. Till then, happy reading comic fans.

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