Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly pulls for 12/05/2012

My pulls this week were actually difficult for the first time in a while. I had stated that in my last blog that I had to stop dropping titles and then made the announcement that I will be dropping all Avengers titles after they go to new #1s. My comic guy had something else in mind. He actually ARGUED with me over picking up Avenging Spider-Man over Avengers because Hickman had such a phenomenal run with The Ultimates. I get that people have their overall choices but I haven't read Hickman's run of The Ultimates and really am not super excited for the new Avengers book. So after a lot of whining and argument on my part (being a big Spidey fan) I left the comic shop with the book that I wanted.

I think it is really interesting to see people that respond so strongly to one writer over any other. I understand allegiances but I also see people fall back on these choices so quickly. I heard so many people complain about Bendis (referring to him as the "BM" of comic writers) and then turn around and praise him for being an amazing writer with All-New X-Men. I think a lot of a writer's strength comes from the source material and that if you have a strong affinity toward a certain book that may change your outlook on things. I am sure Hickman is a great writer and that his work on The Ultimates was great, but that wont pull me into picking up copies of Avengers based on namesake. I followed Remender over to Secret Avengers and am regretting it a bit currently.

I guess this rant isn't going anywhere, it is just a rant. I think that people should just take a deep breath and let people read the things they enjoy. I am not mad at my comic shop owner, I am actually happy to have had such a passionate conversation with another comic reader about something while feeling informed finally. I think this venture back into comics has been great for me.

Now that the rant is done I suppose it is time to drop the titles that I picked up this week. FINALLY my list has become slightly shorter with only five titles this week:

Avenging Spider-Man #15
Deadpool #3
Hawkeye #5
All-New X-Men #3
Amazing Spider-Man #699

My reviews should follow either later tonight or tomorrow morning depending on when the wife is heading home from work. Until then, as always, happy reading!

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