Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly pulls for 12/12/2012

I am not so sure what to ramble about this week. Not too much has happened in the world of comics. I haven't heard much about new stuff on the horizon and any other "breaking" news has already been mentioned. With Marvel NOW! in full swing with multiple titles having multiple issues out I feel like I am beating a dead horse by discussing how it is doing because it is doing fine. I can think of one minimal grief with Marvel right now though. They have been releasing preview books for their new runs (I received the second one with my pulls this week) and in the back they have the release calendar for the month in which the book was released. Those dates don't always match with the actual release dates and that causes the consumer to feel as if they may have missed a book they really want. I just wish Marvel would forgo actually printing release dates if they are not set in stone, it is just good business. As I said, not a big deal, but it bugged me a bit after having a pretty stressful start to my week.

After a rough beginning to my week I was quite excited to run to my comic shop this Wednesday to see what was waiting for me and for the first time in months my pull list was minimal. This wasn't too much of a surprise, I knew it was going to be a light week and I knew I had dropped a few titles so I was excited for what was waiting for me. It was also nice to see my bill at around $10 instead of the normal $20+. So with a smile on my face, a free 2013 Marvel NOW! calendar and the second free Marvel NOW! preview book in my bag I headed home with a smile on my face.

After watching part of the Sandy relief concert (which has some really amazing parts to it) I went to bed and cracked open the first of my three books for the week with excitement. I guess I am getting ahead of pulls for the week were a simple three:

Amazing Spider-Man #699.1
Cable and the X-Force #1
Scarlet Spider #12

I learned something that night. I think that no matter what my pulls are for the week I should limit my reading of new titles to three a night. It felt perfect, I enjoyed the stories more and really think I remember a lot more about each individual story. This may be my new way of doing things....only time shall tell. Reviews will follow as always and remember, happy reading!

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