Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly pulls for 11/28/2012

Good morning comic book readers! It was another great week in comics and there were plenty of reasons to remind me why I love these pieces of art so much. We are finally starting to get a feel for the new Marvel NOW titles and we are getting a feel for where they are going. So far I am happy with my choices.

As for my choices...I had a heavy week AGAIN which I swear I am going to stop complaining so much about. I just have to accept that I buy a lot of comics and that it isn't going to stop anytime soon. I am really complaining about nothing...I like doing it and it is my choice.

Anyhow, there are eight books this week that fell into my hands and for the most part they were solid. All of the Marvel NOW titles were enjoyable...but I guess I am getting ahead of myself. The titles for this week are as follows:

A+X # 2 (Rogue & Black Widow, Kitty Pryde & Iron Man)
New Avengers #34 (End Times and the end of Bendis' run)
Secret Avengers #34
Uncanny Avengers #2 (Finally!)
Gambit #6
Venom #27.1
X-Men Legacy #2
All-New X-Men #2

As I said, there was a lot to read this week. I think the big blow was the .1 issue which was not bad but I still don't get why they do it (other than to make bank). Well, complaining aside, I really enjoyed this stack of books and reviews are to follow.

Oh, one more thing...I am sorry that this is so late this week and if it seems a little off in comparison to my other entries. I am just waking up...happy reading!

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