Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weekly pulls for 12/19/2012

There is a small part of me that thinks Marvel agrees with the idea that the world is going to end on Friday. That would be the only reason that they would release so many titles in one week. One final money suck before the world bursts into flames! Of course I joke, but wouldn't that be a crazy meeting to be a part of?

"So the world is going to end...."
"We should release over 20 comics two days before!"

I assume Marvel doesn't think the world is going to end as I do not think the world is going to end. I am also sure that the immense comic release was to make the day after Christmas a light comic book day that will mostly contain Spider-Man comics to say farewell to Amazing Spider-Man. I just thought it was silly to think that way...oh well.

Considering I just pointed out that there were over 20 comics released this week by Marvel it is no shocker that my pull list was quite lengthy and pricey which made up for the last two weeks that were not. I ended up with a hefty 11 comics yesterday which was an incredible moment. My comic guy laughed at me because I asked about Uncanny Avengers #3 while paying saying that I should just give him my bank card to save me the hassle.

Anyhow, the 11 comics I grabbed were well worth it and I really didn't feel there was anything too terrible in there. The 11 books that were acquired are as follows:

A+X #3 (Black Panther + Storm, Hawkeye + Gambit)
All-New X-Men #4 (Scott vs Scott)
Cable and X-Force #2
Gambit #7
Hawkeye #6 (all proceeds from this issue go to help those that are suffering from Sandy! Pick it up!)
Scarlet Spider #12.1
Secret Avengers #35
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #18
Venom #28
Wolverine and the X-Men #22
X-Men Legacy #3

There is a lot of good reading in there, trust me! I also want to note that tonight Darren, Jonny and I are going to be recording The Panel Scanners episode 8 where we will discuss our favorite books of the year as well as our favorite movies of the year. For our retro-review this month I broke out of my Marvel reading habits (to show that I am not ignorant to other titles out there) to review Alex Ross and Mark Waid's four issue masterpiece Kingdom Come. The episode should be up tomorrow or soon after but if you'd like to give some older episodes a listen before that, they can be found here.

I guess that is all from me for now. I hope everyone out there has a great holiday (whatever holiday it is that you celebrate) and that you find tons of time to read comics!

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