Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly pulls for 11/07/2012

Well it has finally begun, we are starting to see Marvel NOW! pour onto the shelves and it is time to see if people should jump off of Marvel or jump on. I have to admit that I am still on the fence about Marvel NOW! The things that I have read (A+X, Deadpool and Uncanny Avengers) have not been terrible and I have hopes for them but it isn't anything too new or in my face. I guess it really depends on what you wanted from the new direction, I am not sure what I wanted or still want.

On the topic of Marvel NOW!, I want to say that I am buying a lot of the comics and the rest I am going to either borrow from friends or have digitally. On my blog, I intend to only review the paper comics that I purchase myself unless a specific digital comic really stands out for me to stop from being overwhelmed writing my weekly posts. I am currently averaging between 6-7 comics a week and if I added everything, well, I wouldn't get any of my real job done. I do currently have Marvel NOW!: Point 1 and Iron Man #1 waiting to be read and it will help me make bigger decisions on Marvel NOW! but if they aren't too impressive don't expect to hear anything else about them here.

On another note, I am being much more active on my twitter account these days (@philthec) and have come to another revelation. I am no longer writing Amazing Spider-Man classic blogs. I will update cool things that happen through my twitter account with random comments and pictures. I feel bad cutting back on these things that I thought were originally cool, but as I said earlier, my other job is getting much more demanding and it is getting harder for me to find time to write these blogs. I love writing them and have no desire to quit, I just need to cut back.

Now that I have all of that out of the way, I suppose I should address the thing that is the title of this blog entry. My pulls for this week were seven strong once again:

Avengers #33 (End Times part 2)
Avengers Academy#39 (Series Finale!)
AvX: Consequences #5 (THE FINAL ISSUE OF AVX!!!!)
Avenging Spider-Man #14 (Spidey in the Savage Land)
Deadpool #1 (Marvel NOW!)
New Avengers #32 (End Times part 2)
Scarlet Spider #11 (Minimum Carnage part 4)

As you can see, two final issues and a new comic grace this week's list. I have to admit, I really enjoyed my pulls for this week but I'll get to that in my reviews. Until then, happy reading everyone and please continue to leave comments. I love hearing back from the people that read my blog. I have been seeing more twitter followers and new people commenting on my post every week. It makes me smile and reminds me why I do this and how much other people love comics as well.

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