Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 11/21/2012

First, I want to wish a belated happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers out there. I know you all aren't American, but you all deserve my thanks for reading my blog. Second, I forgot to mention last week that episode seven of The Panel Scanners is up for your listening enjoyment which can be found here. Third, Marvel NOW is in full swing and I once again got way too many comics for one week.

I think one of the largest buzzes on the internet this week that is comic related is that of Amazing Spider-Man #698. There is definitely a reason for that and you will see in my review of it. In other craziness, Minimum Carnage has come to a close and was also a bit interesting.

I do believe that I have come to one major conclusion though this week. I have to cut back a few titles and I have painstakingly been combing the weekly pulls to figure out what is going. I think I am going to drop all of the Avengers titles other than Uncanny Avengers when they reach their new #1s. It is nothing against the writers or the books themselves, but they are the things I am least interested in. I have always been more of an X-Men guy.

With that said, here are my pulls for this week:

Amazing Spider-Man #698
Avengers #34
Deadpool #2
Hawkeye #4
Minimum Carnage Omega #1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #17
Wolverine and the X-Men #21

That is, once again, seven books this week and it looks like I have nine coming next week. Too much I must say...Regardless, they all have merit and I will miss reading the stack I shall be dropping in the next couple of months. Avengers (the flagship) is officially dropped. Anyhow, reviews are to follow! Happy reading my friends.

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