Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 11/14/2012

Greetings my readers! It is that time of the week again for me to just muse over all things comics and discuss my pulls for the week. First I want to mention some general housekeeping. It seems that I have recently found myself a comment troll who is just being smarmy and annoying so I was forced to put comment moderation back onto my blog. This is really going to have little effect to those of you who write good comments and for anyone who has written comments know I am very fast to respond if it is something that needs responding to. I will be just as diligent at moderating comments, I am just not in the mood to have to constantly delete stupidity from my blog.

Now that the annoying part is taken care of because I truly do like being honest with my readers, it is time for the stuff that you guys actually care about, comics! Marvel NOW is in full swing and we are getting new titles every week now. Just this week we got All-New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Thor God of Thunder, and Fantastic Four. That is four new titles in ONE WEEK! Pretty crazy right? I think the crazy part is that they were (for the most part) all good comics. I was a bit apprehensive about this whole Marvel NOW thing when it was announced and was trying to keep my excitement calm (which I failed at) but I feel that my excitement is now warranted. I do want to mention again that I am only going to review on my blog the comics that I obtain physical copies of (stuff that I write down on my pull list) but I am reading EVERYTHING Marvel NOW related. If you have any questions about titles that I am not discussing on the blog, feel free to leave a comment or ask me on Twitter about the issue and I will tell you if it is any good.

I suppose that leads to what is actually on my pull list. I will be cutting a few things from it soon. I am debating dropping the Avengers titles once they go to #1's as physical comics which would save me $20+ a month. Comics are an expensive venture, especially when you are grabbing at least seven books a week. Here are this week's seven:

All-New X-Men #1
X-Men Legacy #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #20
Gambit #5
The New Avengers #33 (End Times Part 3)
Venom #27 (Minimum Carnage Part 5)
Amazing Spider-Man #697

As I said, seven books a week! I am really enjoying the stuff that I am reading for the most part but I guess I will get into that more in the reviews. Until then, happy reading my friends and don't be strangers! I really do love talking to my readers and am excited to discuss more Marvel NOW!

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