Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly pulls for 10/31/12

So it seems that Saturday morning is the time for posts these days. I am not sure what happened in my personal life but man have I gotten busy. Matter of fact, I will be lucky if I can actually get all of my posts up today at all and for that I apologize. I also took some time this week to re-read the whole Avengers vs X-Men event...including tie-ins. I guess it took about a week and a half but still, that is a lot of reading. I want to tell everyone that my reading order seems to stand strong. There was only one issue I was a little iffy about but it really seems to fit best where I put it.

In other news, it seems that Marvel NOW! is jumping off with a few issues and so far I am still very meh about the titles. I am hoping after I get a little further into them they will get better. Also, I saw an announcement yesterday for ANOTHER "Uncanny" title...which everyone is guessing is ANOTHER rehash of Uncanny X-Men written by Brian Michael Bendis. I have to say I am not surprised but my excitement for that title is waning. I am not even sure if I have enough space on my pull list for it when it hits in February and that is of course if it is even Uncanny X-Men and isn't something insane like Uncanny New Mutants....

Other things to note, I am back to reading my complete run of Amazing Spider-Man but just finished issue 98 last night so don't expect a review until later in the week after I have read issue 100. I need to space those babies out so I don't have too many posts every week, I can't keep up!

I suppose I should get to the main purpose of this post, the pull list of the week:

A+X #1 (This is the meh Marvel NOW! title)
AvX: Consequences #4 (Getting better)
Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1 (The Thing!)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1 (Here come the .1 issues)
Wolverine and the X-Men#19 (Marvel NOW! title...still good)
X-Men Legacy #275 (Final issue...until next month...where there is a new #1...oye)

Not a bad pull list but as I have said before, I am glad October is over. There were so many one-shots, endings to mini-series, beginnings of mini-series, .1s, annuals and anything else you could imagine to take my normal pull list to nearly double status. I am hoping that November will be better to me with titles ending, AvX being over which will allow me to start dropping some titles if I feel fit and will also allow me to wet my feet in some new things. My reviews of these comics will follow but until then my friends, happy reading.

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