Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly pulls for 03/27/13

I am convinced Marvel knows how to make their customers spend the most amount of money possible and enjoy doing it. I originally jumped into Age of Ultron thinking that it was a lot less burdensome than AvX, which it is but at the same time they are dropping another event Thanos Rising which I do believe is going to tie into Guardians of the Galaxy and who knows what else. It is good to be a Marvel fan right now because the books are getting really good while at the same time that is a double edged sword. Because there is so much good stuff it is hard to choose what is worth picking up and what is worth missing.

I think my pull lists recently have been showing a level of struggling on what to actually keep. I keep debating dropping titles but can never seem to do so (other than Deadpool last month which I still want to read) while continuing to pick up more titles. I think this is the main problem with any comic collector, I just wish I had a little more willpower to say no or a little more cash to say yes. Oh well, the world still turns.

Now that my general angst is out and I have pondered Marvel's marketing on events and what I am going to do about it (still debating Thanos Rising #1 this week...reader feedback would be great) I believe it is time for my books from this week. Note that A+X is missing from my pulls, my comic guy slipped and missed it but I should be getting my copy Wednesday. We shall see...on to my books:

Age of Ultron #3
Fantastic Four #5 AU
Gambit #10
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Scarlet Spider #15
Superior Spider-Man #6 AU
Uncanny Avengers #5
Uncanny X-Force #3
Wolverine and the X-Men #27
X-Men Legacy #8

A lot of books there and note that three of them are Age of Ultron related. As I said, Marvel knows how to market events. Reviews shall follow shortly. Until then, happy reading!

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