Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly pulls for 04/10/13

This week in the world of Marvel was swarmed with issues related to AoU. I am glad I cut back a few books considering there seems to be at least one book related to this event coming out each week! It is a blow to my budget and you will have to read my comments about each book to see if it is even worth while.

Other than that I was able to tackle Marvel's marketing ploy with Comixology for the #1 issues that started this week. The cut-off date to apply to download them was this past Tuesday and I was able to download my books today. They undershot slightly by saying that there would be 700 issues available considering I walked away with a whomping 723 books. I am not saying I will ever read all of them or if all of them were even familiar to me but they were FREE and it is hard to turn away from stuff like that especially if it may turn me unto something that I had never even considered reading before.

I also wanted to note that my reading of Amazing Spider-Man is starting to struggle a bit. The mid-nineties became a difficult time to read only one Spider-Man title considering every story arc is spread over all of the on-goings. I decided that I was being overly flooded with reading them and have decided to cut back to reading an issue a day until I get really interested again. The other reason for this is I decided to read the Game of Thrones books which had been sitting on my Kindle for months. I loved the first one and have three more already purchased and ready to roll SO that is a distraction. I will keep everyone updated on the ASM status over Twitter (@Philthec) and will touch on it from time to time here.

Now for the purpose of this initial post, my pulls for this week:

Age of Ultron #5
Avengers Assemble #14 AU
Avenging Spider-Man #19
Hawkeye #9
Ultron #1 AU
Uncanny Avengers #6
Uncanny X-Men #4

As you can see, three of the seven books are AoU so if it didn't exist I would have had a light week. Oh well, on to the reviews. Until I get those up, happy reading everyone.

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