Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Pulls for 04/03/13

It was nice to be on Spring Break from my job this week which allowed me to catch up on some backlogged issues of comics and to actually read this week's releases in a timely fashion. There is a lot going on in the Marvel Universe and I feel like I am slacking a bit but there is only so much money I can pour into this habit. I mention this because Thanos Rising started this week and I opted out of picking it up. With AoU going on my margin for extra comics has shrunk significantly and I couldn't justify buying another mini-series. Perhaps if there are still issues on the shelves after May and once AoU has come to fruition I am pick up the back issues and carry forward with the five-part mini-series. If not, I don't suppose it is the end of the world.

Other than that I was happy to grab five books this week. One was a book I somehow missed last week and sort of wished I missed it completely but I will cover that in the review. Regardless, there were five books this week:

A+X #06 (Last week's book)
Age of Ultron #04
All-New X-Men #10
The Superior Spider-Man #07
Venom #33

It is nice to have a little lull in my pulls this week because it gave me a little time to catch up on my reading of Amazing Spider-Man. As of last night I have reached the 30th anniversary of the series with issue #365. I have seen Venom created, defeated, reformed and spawned into Carnage. I have seen many villains fall and return to give Spidey some problems. I have seen the growth of Peter Parker into the man we are all familiar with. It has been an incredibly ride and I look forward to the next 20 years of comics to read (yes, even the Clone Saga) because it is engrossing my knowledge of one of my favorite heroes of all time.

Enough rambling though, I must be off. I will slap some reviews up later today but until then, happy reading comic fans.

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