Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 08/01

Hey all! There is A LOT to be excited about this month in Marvel Comics considering the amount of one-shots that are occuring, the new series that are starting (Gambit and Hawkeye) AND Spider-Man's 50th anniversary! How could comic lovers, especially those who enjoy webslinging antics, not get excited for this month?

Anyhow, my pull list was a little shorter than I initially thought (which is good considering it is a five wednesday month and I only allow a certain amount of funds go toward comics) but there is plenty to enjoy!

The pulls for 08/01 are:

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1
Avengers vs X-Men Round 9
Hawkeye #1
Avengers Academy #34
Avenging Spider-Man #10
Peter Parker Spider-Man #156.1

Notice the random Spider-Man title in the pull list. This is one of those one-shots I was talking about to commemorate Spidey's fifty years of being around. I will get to it in its own review but I am definitely happy to get a little more of my favorite web-slinger this month. Remember, reviews are to follow and please leave me some comments! I love hearing what my readers have to say.

One last note...if you google Avengers vs X-Men reading order...I am on the first page now! Thank you to all of my readers that made that possible!

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