Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 08/15/2012

I think that I am really good at lying to myself. You see, a few weeks ago I proclaimed that as soon as AvX ended I would be able to drop a bunch of titles and really limit my comic purchasing. Well, this was before I started actually liking all of the comics I was reading (including Avengers) and before I decided I wanted to get back into the Spider-Man universe.

As I have mentioned many times this month, Spidey just turned 50. Marvel is doing a great job pouring Spider-Man related titles down our throats with plenty of extras to sop up the extra sauce. Most notably (thus far) are the randomly named and numbered Sensational Spider-Man and Peter Parker, Spider-Man issues that have funneled onto the local comic book store's shelves. I am not upset about these, matter of fact they have been pretty decent thus far; it just makes it difficult to stay caught up.

On top of Spidey (which I got two titles from this week alone), AvX is petering off and yet I am unable to drop the titles that are no longer related (Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers thus far). I don't know if it is because I am loyal to my comics or if I am just truly becoming hooked on these stories again but it is impossible to give them up. I was even ready to drop Avengers Academy until I read this week's issue.

Regardless, that is my major rant this month and that was without even mentioning the four part series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe that has also hit the wallet EVERY WEEK this month so far...

So, my pulls for this week were actually...

Amazing Spider-Man #691 - The conclusion to "No Turning Back"
Avengers #29
Avengers Academy #35
Avengers vs X-Men Round 10
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3
The Sensational Spider-Man #33.2

Once again, nothing was terrible this week and reviews are going to follow soon. I have been having an insane week at work so it may take some time to get them up but I hope to by no later than Saturday morning. Until then my readers, enjoy your comics!

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