Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Pulls for 8/8/12

Once again this was a heavy week for titles and that is even with my comic guy missing one of my pulls! Sadly, when I arrived at my comic shop on Wednesday, my comic guy forgot to pull Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2 and he was sold out....he ordered it for me so next week will have a double whammy of that comic which I suppose isn't a terrible thing.

As mentioned last week, this is the month of Spider-Man's 50th anniversary and it is causing a hefty load of Spidey comics to appear. I believe there is a minimum of three Spider-Man related titles a week until the last week of the month where there is only one. Trust me, I am not sad about this but my wallet is weeping cash.

Regardless, I digress from the point on hand. What did I grab this week? Well there are six pretty solid comics on my list this week; one of which I had a bit of high expectations for since Hawkeye #1 blew my mind. You will notice that Gambit #1 is on my list, which I will review and which I was highly anticipatory for...

Sooooo, without further ado, here is the pull list for this week:

Gambit #1
The Sensational Spider-Man #33.1
Venom #22
Scarlet Spider #8
The New Avengers #29
X-Men Legacy #271

I know these reviews are coming a little late this week but they should follow quickly after this post! Until then, happy reading my friends.

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