Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly pulls for 8/22

Another sad week for my pulls due to my comic guy UNDER ORDERING Secret Avengers...I was really looking forward to the fight with Venom and Taskmaster. Now I am going to have to wait until a) He gets a copy in, b) the creepy comic guy in Warren has a copy, c) I hang out with my buddy Jonny Moe to read his copy or d) order it for more slightly less than cover price with shipping that costs more than original cover price. I hate that this series is actually drawing this much of my attention. I really do like Rememder...maybe Moe will sell me his copy.

Anyhow, the rest of my comics were pretty solid this week. August has been a very long month with a lot of great things going on. It is hard to believe that there is still one more Wednesday to drain my funds! I am also starting to look to the future of the Marvel Universe. We were introduced to Andy MaGuire this week in Amazing Spider-Man, also known as Alpha. We only have one more month of Avengers vs X-Men before we get Marvel Now! in October. There is so much to look forward to and so much to be nervous about.

Also, I read Ultimate Spider-Man (the whole Peter Parker) run this month and have started reading the Miles Morales stuff. Once I am totally caught up I think I will write a blog about how I feel about the new "Spider-Man" and if I think it is actually worth the time to read it.

On to the actual meat and potatos of this post, what I actually got this week:

Amazing Spider-Man #692
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4
Web of Spider-Man #129.1
Uncanny X-Men #17 (Only AvX related book)
Venom #23
X-Men Legacy #272

As you can tell, the AvX stuff is really slowing down as of this month and next month should be incredibly light as well. Also, there is only ONE MORE Spider-Man one-shot left this month and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is over...what a month! The reviews for these comics will be coming soon (probably tomorrow or Sunday). Until then my friends, happy reading.

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