Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly pulls 10/10/12

This has been one heck of a week and to be fair, I had one heck of a pull list. I am sorry it took so long to actually post this week but I should be getting all of my reviews up before the end of today. I think I also had to take a step back before writing everything this week because Marvel stabbed me hard by not letting AvX just end. I was surprised to see that Wolverine and the X-Men #18 was another tie-in issue and to be fair, it was hardly even that. Also, I get the purpose of AvX: Consequences but I am not certain that it required its own title. I think the same thing could have been achieved through the normal, ongoing titles that Marvel releases that were tied to the event. Alas, what can you do? I guess the fact that I am still purchasing the issues means that they won...ugh.

On another note. I did actually acquire my paper copy of Minimum Carnage Alpha #1 this week and was thrilled! My comic guy surprised me by having it in my pull list for the week and he gave me a bunch of cool Marvel NOW! stuff to ease my mind for getting it a week late. I think I enjoyed reading it a lot more in a paper version versus electronic and I followed it more. I am happy to see it continue basically weekly until it comes to a close.

Now, with the addition of Minimum Carnage Alpha #1 my pull list was a new high of eight books. I knew this would happen until a few of my current comics end and there are mini-series such as AvX: Consequences that are making it thicker but damn was I shocked to get so much in one week. I hope the pain is a little less this upcoming week while at the same time I like all of the reading. So the books other than my accounted for pull of Minimum Carnage Alpha #1 are as follows:

AvX: Consequences #1
Avengers #31
Avenging Spider-Man #13
Scarlet Spider #10
Secret Avengers #32
Uncanny Avengers #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #18

Yikes, writing it made me think about the insane amount of reading I did. I also continued reading Amazing Spider-Man which I may review...I think I may start making that a bi-weekly blog due to my crazy amount of other reading.

Two last things. Number one: after we record The Panel Scanners episode 6 this week I am taking a short hiatus from reading Amazing Spider-Man so that I can focus on re-reading Avengers vs X-Men so that for The Panel Scanners episode 7 I will be prepared to talk about the whole thing. Related to that, you can find all of the old episodes of The Panel Scanners here, and there is a clone of my blog resting there as well in case you want to read it twice.... Number two: I am considering tackling Heroclix as an added addiction/money-suck/fun thing to do. I'd love to hear your thoughts as my readers if that would be worthwhile, fun, or even if any of you do it! I love hearing from you.

Whew, that was a large post only to be followed by more. The AvX reading order will continue to be updated until there are no more DIRECTLY related titles so I would assume until the end of AvX: Consequences. Well, on to writing my review blogs....happy reading my friends.

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